Where would you like to travel essay

where would you like to travel essay

So, you would like to have three

On their release, should prisoners be allowed to vote? In what circumstances should juveniles be given life sentences? Will the events in Ferguson change anything? Argumentative topics on Religion and Spiritual Matters do people have any control over what happens to them if so, how much? Is inter-faith marriage important? Do you believe that things happen for a reason? Do you think people can live good lives without God or any type of religion? School in General would you rather attend a public or private school?

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Should all children your be required to attend pre-school? What is the best way for parents to handle unsatisfactory report cards? How would you feel about being home-schooled? Personal Grooming and Fashion Should children be given free rein to choose their own clothes? Thinking about cosmetic surgery, do you think it is a good or bad thing? In terms of the clothes how you wear, do you feel any concern for the health, safety and welfare of those who make them? Do you think it is disrespectful to use such terms as saggy pants? Policing, Imprisonment and the justice system Argumentative essay topics Should all police personnel wear body cameras? Does the law act more favorably towards the rich? Do you think Stop and Frisk police tactics are right or justified? In your opinion, should the usa abolish the death penalty?

Is child privacy breached when parents upload video clips or photos of them online? How slip much freedom should be given to children? At what age should children be allowed a smart phone what age is too young? Is present day culture having a destructive effect on childhood? Are dark movies and/or videos good or bad for children? Parenting and School How and why are parent-teacher conferences useful/important? Who should be able to view student records?

where would you like to travel essay

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When does discipline cross the line to judy abuse when trying to manage child working behavior? Are we now giving too many trophies and/or awards to youngsters? Should young children be allowed to take part in television competitions? If Halloween costumes were to portray positive only images, would it make any or much difference? What level of discipline is it appropriate for parents to hand out to their children? Do children suffer when they are pushed too much to achieve? Should parents limit the amount of time their child has access to technology?

Do you think the size of sugary drinks should be limited? Should we continue to fight for healthier school meals or are these efforts in vain? Do you think the authentic form of Tacos or the Appropriated form is better? Is it right or wrong for people to eat meat? Parenting and Child rearing Parenting is a wide-ranging subject with lots of issues. Therefore, here are some argumentative essay topics that any parent might well identify with: do shame and blame techniques help improve teenage behavior? How should children be taught good behavior and who should teach them?

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where would you like to travel essay

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Music Which present day artists do you think will stay the course? Are there any current artists you think of as sellouts? What history current artists groups or individual musicians do you think are destined for the rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Can you name any artist (musician, actor or author) you think is destined to be a super star but has not quite made it yet? What do you think the future holds for music and the music industry?

Can the right training make you a more successful musician? Nutrition and food Argumentive essay topics It is claimed that breakfast is the most important meal of every persons day do you agree or disagree? Do you think that sugary drinks should be subject to taxation? Thinking of the foods you eat, do you worry where they come from? Should French fries and pizza sauce be classified as vegetable products and, if so, why? Would you classify French fires and pizza as vegetable products and, if so, why?

Are politicians acting in a good or bad way when they threaten shutdowns Argumentative topics for Literature Essay would you rather read or listen to a book and which method do you think is the best? Of the two childrens book characters Obedient and Contrary, which do you like best? What writer do you think deserves a prize? Would you replace your paper book collection in favor of a digital one? In your opinion, what characters do you think merit being written about? Morality and being Responsible Are there any situations where looting can be condoned?

Have newspapers a moral duty not to publish cartoon images that are deemed offensive by others. Is it right for newspapers to publish images of someone who is dying? Have by-standers a moral responsibility to get involved in troublesome situations? Where offensive language is prohibited, is the world made a better place? Do you think there are some words and phrases that should be abolished? Does suffering and/or hardship make people more successful and/or stronger? Are there any words or phrases you think are over-used? Have some offensive words lost their shock value because they are over-used? Is it possible to be cool by performing an act of kindness?

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Do you always get a feel-good business factor using Facebook? Do you think it is all right for online users to be able to conceal their identities? Can or should one trust online reviews? Have you ever considered closing your social media accounts? Should people be able to get fired because of their Facebook posts? Leadership and Politics Agrumentative essay topics does farm moral responsibility come with leadership? Do successful leaders need to be extroverts?

where would you like to travel essay

Interesting Ideas for Immigration Argumentative essay. Is it right that the us allows millions of undocumented and possibly illegal immigrants to live in the country without them fearing deportation? Should the children of illegal immigrants be entitled to free to public schooling? International Relations, should the usa spy on countries it classifies as friends? In what circumstances is military force justifiable sheet or is such intervention ever justifiable? Should the ransom demands of terrorists be paid to secure hostage release? The Internet and Social Media, everyone uses the Internet and at least one social media website, so these are some topics for an argumentative essay that you should be familiar with:. Facebook retaining its competitive edge?

a list of the addresses of gun owners? Health-Related Topics, should medically-assisted suicide be permitted in every us state? Should people who are terminally ill be permitted to die in a manner of their own choosing? How should schools deal with students who have not been vaccinated? Should texting while driving be made illegal in every us state? Around the house and Home, how and why is it important for people to keep their homes clean? Is it true that an untidy desk is the sign of a more creative person?

What do you think the legal age should be for buying tobacco and alcohol and to vote or join the military? At what age do children reach adulthood? At what age should children be allowed to define their gender? Should legal age match essay the age of consent? Gun Crime Argumentative topics. Should guns be allowed or banned on college campuses? What measures can be taken to prevent mass gun killings in the future?

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If you have to write an argumentative essay and you have no idea where to start, let us help you! Here is a great list of role argumentative essay topics you can use to write your essay! Grading in Schools, did your school award an excessive amount of As? In the school you attend, do boys or girls get higher grades? Do you think boys and girls fare better when they are taught separately? What do you think makes girls better readers than boys? Should students be able to grade their teachers? Do you think discomfort is a valid enough reason for excusing students from assignments? Growing Up: Controversial Essay topics, when you reach legal age, will you (or did you) exercise your right to vote?

Where would you like to travel essay
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  2. Please essay on a country i would like to visit this error screen to 198. You 've reached a retired site page. Pbs no longer has the. Would you like to leave a comment? Previous postThings we no longer travel withNext post Travel diary: London and back to Spain.

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