Oj simpson trial essay

oj simpson trial essay

Oj simpson, parole news and Updates on Children

It is seriously the most rewarding thing that. Wt sampson High School is a unique school, obviously with where it is located in gtmo. The kids are very worldly already in many cases. However, i tried to stress to them how they can do whatever they want and to learn as much as they can and basically showed them that I was no different than them 15 years ago. In all my wildest dreams, i never thought I would do today what i am doing or have done. It blows my mind to think about it and if I can do extraordinary things then anyone can. The best thing about it was after I finished talking, the kids had hundreds of questions-literally. I speak to a lot of kids but never have i had a group so engaged and interested.

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The two highlights for me aside from simply being in guantanamo bay were spending a day sailing around the bay and giving a lecture to the high school. I holi went out on a small sailboat with my sponsor and some others who had been in gtmo for years and knew the place very well. I say it was a highlight, not for the great sailing because to be honest it wasnt that great-but for the conversation. I was able to freely ask questions about guantanamo bay to honest people who had been there for more than a decade in one case. It was really eye opening and fun at the same time. It was funny because originally i was supposed to give a lecture to the base that was open to anyone to come and listen and ask questions. I still did that at the windjammer; which is the events hall on island. However, at the tour of homes, i met a teacher from the high school who asked me to come speak to the high school kids the following day; which was Monday. I love talking to kids, both high school and college. I have made no secret that I never traveled as a kid and that study abroad my junior year of college changed the course of my life and opened up my eyes. I feel like i can really relate to kids and talk their language in a way that makes it interesting to them.

Everyone is exceptionally friendly and was very nice and accommodating. Each morning I woke up early and hiked around the island. There are several hikes or at least variations of the same hikes that you can. The weather is very hot in gtmo so its best to do it early or late. I would always come across people on the trail and we would stop and chat and theyd recommend trails to take, etc. Guantanamo bay reminds me of Arizona in a lot of ways. It is very desert-like in that it is surprisingly pretty dry (considering youre in the tropics there are a lot of cacti and other dry shrubs plus iguanas all over the place. It honestly looked like tucson, Arizona in a lot of places. I dont know what else to say about the weather except it was very pleasant and without a doubt, your it was a nice temperature change from.

oj simpson trial essay

Where Are They now?

The speed limit essay is pretty much 25mph around the island and there are police patrolling the streets. I felt very free to basically do what I wanted around gtmo. I really had no idea what to expect. I have been on military bases before but again, there is something about guantanamo bay. Of course i wasnt allowed to photograph certain things and there are a few areas that are totally off limits but nothing too crazy. After my experience, i can say confidently that guantanamo bay is a nice place. The military, civilian and foreign nationals that make up the base are all very nice and they live well together in all that I could see.

I happened to be in guantanamo bay during something called the tour of Homes. This was actually really cool. Many of the officers, including the base commander opened their homes up for those that bought tickets to come have a look and chat. I personally thought it was a great way to get to know the island and the actual, real people that live there. I really enjoyed it and let me tell you, some of the people on gtmo live very well! I mentioned I rented a car. A car is pretty much necessary for anyone visiting guantanamo bay. While it is a small place at some 45 square miles, it is still big enough where you need to have a car.

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oj simpson trial essay

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There are also a few galleys that serve food and a few other restaurants that I didnt try. Most local people buy food at the navy exchange; which is essentially the downtown. It is also home to a subway, the bank, credit union, barbershop, and a few stores for essay clothes, etc. It is the hub nursing of the island and the main lifeline. Guantanamo bay is made up of military personnel, civilians and third country nationals or foreign nationals. Foreign nationals, mainly jamaicans and Filipinos from what I saw and met, do the majority of the menial jobs around the island.

They work the stores, restaurants and other jobs equivalent to those. They are housed together and seem to live pretty well on base. Different groups of the military live in different housing barracks as well. Some are nicer than others and in better locations. Many officers with families and civilian contractors live in pretty nice houses.

This is where i met my sponsor, got my rental car and checked into my hotel; which is basically a townhouse called Caravella east located directly across from the elementary school. I spent most of my first day driving around the island getting my bearings. Guantanamo bay is not actually an island but everyone on base calls it the island. Obviously, cuba is an island and gtmo is a bay that is pretty much completely cut off from Cuba and the border is clearly defined by a fortified and monitored fence line. My sponsor arranged a dinner for me to meet people on the base at okellys; which dubs itself as the only Irish pub on communist soil.

The food is actually pretty good bar food and the portions are massive. It also acts as a pizza hut. As far as restaurants in guantanamo bay, there are a few options. As I mentioned there is a pizza hut. There is also a mcDonalds, 2 Subways (one in town and one at the airport a taco bell and an Asian place akin to a panda Express that are both in the bowling alley. There is also a coffee/ice cream place called Caribbean Coffee and Cream or ccc where they serve starbucks coffee.

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I had hoped to be able to attend some of the 9/11 hearings but the dates didnt work out. While i try to be very fair and unbiased in what i am saying here in this article, i have a business lot of anger toward the 9/11 terrorists held at gtmo. This is America and everyone is entitled to a fair trial but if they are guilty, i hope they get what they deserve and the families of my fallen friends can finally get some closure. When you fly into guantanamo bay, cuba there is a feeling of excitement and anticipation that is unlike many places ive traveled. Guantanamo bay is one of those places that there is so much chatter about that you dont know whats what and I was very excited to find out for myself what its really like. You land at the airport on the leeward side of the bay. After clearance, you take a ferry to the windward side of the bay.

oj simpson trial essay

If they were to be held in federal prison, they would never receive the simple same treatment. Some detainees that have been transferred have begged to go back to gtmo. Additionally, the detainees abuse the guards. Almost always unreported, detainees are known to go to the bathroom in their hands and throw it at the guards. They are also known to throw their own waste in other manners and spit at guards. They verbally abuse the guards and the guards are expected to basically take. Much of this special treatment is a result of the highly publicized and horrific prisoner abuses at Abu Ghraib (Iraq) and gtmo in the past so they are now, seemingly, overcompensating to avoid bad public relations. However, the public doesnt realize that it goes both ways and again, some of these detainees are accused of and committed the worst crimes ever against America including 9/11 and the uss cole bombing. Finally, before i start talking about my actual experience in guantanamo bay, i will also state that I worked in One world Trade center and lost many friends and former colleagues in 9/11.

a result of Fidel Castro, the cuban Missile Crisis or the bay of Pigs Invasion. Also, the bay of Pigs was not at guantanamo bay-it was in another part of Cuba. When President Obama signed an order to close down guantanamo bay on his first day in office in 2009; he was attempting to shut down the detention center, not the naval Station. Guantanamo bay naval Station will still be around regardless of whether the detention center is ever shut down or not. Guantanamo bay is divided into two parts; naval Station and jtf or joint Task force; meaning all branches of the military working together. In order to get onto the jtf side of the island you need a special badge and clearance. I was able to tour the jtf side of the island and see the camps and detention centers from the outside-not inside-i saw no detainees. Finally, and probably most important, is that according to multiple people i spoke with, nowadays the detainees at guantanamo bay are treated better than most soldiers on island. They receive excellent healthcare, food and are generally treated incredibly well: especially as some detainees are some of the worlds worst people.

Headlines 22m ago 23m ago 1h ago 1h ago 1h ago 2h ago 3h ago, zuma press/Newscom. Jun 27 3:04, jun 26, suggested Interests. The Associated Press, jun 28, top Entertainment Stories, latest Entertainment headlines fill 3h ago. Jun 29, jun 29, jun 29, jun 29, jun 29, jun 29, jun 29, jun 29, jun 29, jun 28, jun 28, jun 28, jun 28, jun 28, jun 28, jun 28, jun 27, jun 27, jun 27, jun 27, jun 27, jun 27, jun. I went to guantanamo bay, cuba (gtmo) with no expectations, no preconceived notions and an open mind. Of course, i had heard all the criticisms, opinions, and negative media coverage but as always, i wanted to see it for myself and form my own opinion. So after five days on the guantanamo bay naval Station, i feel like i have a pretty good feel for the place and an opinion that may surprise many people.

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Gloria allred is the most famous woman attorney practicing law in the nation today. She is a tireless and fill successful advocate for victims whose rights have been violated. Her high-profile legal battles have led to many landmark precedent-setting court decisions and hundreds of millions of dollars for her clients. When a high-profile legal case hits the airwaves, we have become accustomed to seeing Gloria allred in some key role as attorney or commentator. But this nationally recognized advocate has built her pioneering career on much more than. Simpson and Amber Frey. As a tireless crusader against discrimination in all areas of our lives, Allred's legal reach has been wide and long. For the past four decades, she has played an integral role in combating injustices and winning new rights, especially for women and minorities. 22m ago, top.

Oj simpson trial essay
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